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Diagnosing and treating fungal infections in Richmond Hill

The most common foot infections are traced back to fungus, and our Richmond Hill podiatrist, Dr. Barry J. Rosen, is your specialist when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of these fungal infections. Optimal foot health is not only our goal, but it’s our mission.

One way that fungus affects your feet is with the condition called athlete’s foot. You catch it from using contaminated items like towels, for example. More commonly, if you walk barefoot in common areas like locker rooms and showers, you are most definitely prone to contracting athlete’s foot. Our Richmond Hill podiatrist urges you to wear shower shoes or other appropriate footwear in such situations. Itching, burning, and cracking of the skin are typical symptoms. The fungal infection may spread, including to your toenails. Or you might develop fungal nails independent of athlete’s foot. You get them the same way that you can get athlete’s foot. And the results can be especially unsightly, with yellowish-white nails that may split from the skin and grow thicker. Our Richmond Hill podiatrist wants you to come in as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. As a general rule, the types of methods that will be most effective are anti-fungal medication, which may be either topical or oral. With fungal nails, it’s possible that one or more of your nails may have to be removed. It’s done right here at our office, and the nails do grow back. Moving ahead, you should take the precautions of washing your feet frequently and drying them immediately after. Keep them dry with the help of powder, and apply anti-fungal cream as a preventive measure.

Don’t delay in contacting our office to set up an appointment for an examination by our foot doctor. Fungus is nothing to take lightly. If not taken care of, it can spread even beyond the foot area.

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