Flushing orthotics

Flushing Orthotics

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Custom orthotics in Flushing

It should be reassuring to know that something as simple as a pair of our custom orthotics can make such a tremendous difference in addressing various foot ailment. At the podiatry practice of Dr. Barry J. Rosen, you can benefit from our commitment to effective treatments and the personalized care that is represented by our Flushing orthotics.

There is no other part of your body that has the level of continued stress put upon it quite like your feet do. The reality is that any time you are not sitting or laying down, you are putting your feet to use. Our Flushing orthotics can give you much needed cushioning, especially when your shoes are not giving you the adequate amount. But that’s not all. They also redistribute the way that your weight falls on your feet, so that the pressure on a particular joint is relieved. And it is exactly that pressure that leads to conditions such as heel pain, fallen arches, flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes, among others. Our Flushing orthotics have significant advantages over generic ones that you would find on the shelves of your local drug store or supermarket. They are made from impressions taken right here at our office. As such, they fit you perfectly. And they are fashioned to give you specific results based on the problem you have with your feet at the moment. There are more than a few instances where custom orthotics can save you from needing physical therapy or even surgery. At minimum, you’ll be rid of the discomfort or pain you’re under, and issues like protrusions (bunions) and bent joints (hammertoes) will likely subside.

Reach out to our office immediately when you have a foot concern. Our podiatrist looks forward to being able to identify and implement the appropriate treatment, which just may be custom orthotics.

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